Having Your Car's Side Windows Replaced

Posted on: 20 January 2020

While the windshield of a car can be one of the pieces of glass that will be at the greatest risk of suffering damage, it can also be possible for the side windows of the vehicle to suffer damage. When this type of auto glass damage occurs, replacing them can be the only option.

Appreciate The Complexity Of Replacing Side Windows

Replacing the side windows of your vehicle can be a surprisingly complex task. In order for the damaged pane of glass to be removed, it may be necessary for the interior door panel to be removed. This will allow for the glass to be released so the new one can be installed. In addition to this step, it will also be necessary to do this work without damaging the motor or controls for the automatic windows.  As a result, most individuals will simply lack the tools and technical expertise to be able to replace their side windows without inadvertently causing damage to the door or the automatic windows. 

Consider A Mobile Service For Replacing Your Car's Side Window

Despite the complexity of replacing the side windows of your car, it will not be necessary for you to take the vehicle to a repair facility. It is entirely possible for these windows to be replaced by mobile repair service providers. These services will be able to visit you at your home or other convenient locations to complete this work. In addition to being extremely convenient, these services will be priced comparably to services at auto repair facilities, which can allow you to utilize this more convenient option without having to pay significantly more.

Report Any Problems With The Repair As Soon As Possible

While the repair technician will make every attempt to ensure the window is properly secured and balanced, there will always be a chance for there to be problems that develop soon after the replacement. Often, this can be due to additional damage that may have been missed.

For example, glass supports that have become weakened through corrosion or other issues that may not have been found during the initial repair. If you notice any changes or problems with the replacement window, you should notify the auto glass replacement service that performed the repair as soon as possible. Most professional services will at least offer limited warranty protection, but the time limit on this coverage is often limited to the first month or two. Promptly reporting these problems will allow you to utilize this coverage to get them repaired.